Tour the Larder

A photo of the check-out counter of a store. There are plexiglass partitions that rise up from the surface of the counter. Also on top of the counter are a cash register, several succulents, and office supplies.
A photo of black shelves, holding various cooking oils, breakfast cereals, nut butters, and jams, as well as baking goods.
A photo. In the foreground is a metal stand holding multiple bouquets of flowers, in the midground  is a wooden shelf with multiple wicker baskets of fruits and cleaning supplies, and in the background is a freezer. The freezer has a glass door and inside it there are various frozen fishes and meats.
A photo of a metal wire rack with three shelves of bagged chips. Tortilla chips, corn chips, potato chips, and so on.
A photo of a black shelf with multiple shelves of gluten free snacks and baked goods.
A photo of a large refrigerator with multiple glass doors, containing milk, eggs, cheese, orange juice, butter, and yogurt.
A photo of two metal wire racks, one with multiple rows of bread, and one with multiple rows of cleaning supplies. This includes toilet paper, bleach, laundry detergent strips, and gloves.
A photo of two black produce fridges with no door. On the shelves are assorted greens and fruits, as well as packaged berries , mushrooms, soups, and herbs.
A photo of black shelves housing various canned and packaged soups, bouillons, spices, and rice.