Daisy the #Lardergator,  Our Mascot
How the heck did Fanwood Larder come to have an alligator as its mascot?

It was a customer who brought some levity to what began to feel like an essential business gallows at some point in March, who slipped an unusual item onto her wish list: food for her pet alligator, Daisy. This welcome injection of silly buoyed us all, so much so that we added a package of @cleancrunchtoppings to her order, but with a new label: “Gator Grub”.

A few days later, we thought she was just making more fun small talk, telling us that Daisy had escaped her leash and was headed straight for the Larder. In less than 15 minutes, this arrived via UPS. 
A photograph of a stuff animal on a wooden floor. It is a crocodile, wearing a green bandanna with the word "Daisy" written on it in cursive.
Fanwood Larder owner Eva Pfaff is a huge fan of @themoth and just adores stories, but loves this one most of all, because someone gave the time and creativity and added the love that brought Daisy to life.