A close-up photo of multiple grocery items, namely brie, white truffle butter, asparagus, salmon, cheddar cheese, beef ribs, and chicken.
Our Story
When Fanwood Larder founder, Eva Pfaff, watched the local A&P close in 2015, she set her mind to doing “something big in someplace small” and the notion of Fanwood Larder—1,500 SKUs in 1,500 square feet—was born. 

In a community that was not only thriving, but growing, Pfaff could not envision her hometown and the surrounding community of Scotch Plains without a supermarket. Responding to a sustained and formidable social media outcry about the need for a local grocery store, she employed a big city, small space approach, using a “Main Street” storefront to enhance and preserve the character of the community, while also addressing an unexpected grocery gap. 

In addition to being stocked with better quality and better-for-you items, including a vast array of fresh produce and special dietary needs, dozens of unique products are sourced from local suppliers that make Fanwood Larder a small, but mighty, grocery store like no other. The store consistently delivers a trifecta of pantry ingredients, quality and convenience. 

And what is a Larder, anyway, you ask? It’s a place to store bacon (and ours is D’Artagnan--local, and fabulous).